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I like conversing with you about your PASSIONS

only because I know it will lead me closer to your SOUL

and there…we shall find your PURPOSE

in LIFE…where HAPPINESS is abundant.




I am a Survivor of Sarcoidosis and April is Sarcoidosis Awareness month. Sarc caused me to lose the sight in my left eye and I have 3 friendly ‘Floaters’ floating by to say HI, every now and them.

A little humor for those who are suffering from any non curable conditions.

Do Over

Had I kept my promise to myself 

i wouldn’t be seeking a ‘do over’

just like the sun

peeking over the horizon

anxious to give light again

do over
I’ve made some mistakes and

learning to accept them wasn’t easy

I don’t feel the same 

Like the 1st trimester

I feel queasy 

do over 
I never was hugged and 

No one prepared me for love

I only knew the cold lonely night

That watches the pond with no doves

do over
I wanted to feel loved so

I followed my feelings 

and they led me astray

Yet I still swim up stream 

destined to find my way

do over
Because of past disappointments 

Im a woman with open wounds

For my first love was never there

He abandoned me to go to the moon

do over
I was left alone

In a world full of hungry lions

tigers and bears

Eager to devour me

a helpless sheep in despair

do over
Now God holds the key to her future

he has spoke to calm her crying soul

he said, I shall shield you now and

No one else can impose

do over 
As I wait. I am patient. Focused Now. I am stronger.

With God as my pilot

I shall not steer wrong

He believes in me and granted a 

do over…..

Without my Dad

Without My Dad ~ Another year about pass, and I sit here frustrated….waiting feeling depressed and lost ‘without my dad’. I start to feel like I don’t matter, is it because I don’t carry a purse with a big ass, you see that’s what my daddy like & that’s where he spends most of his nights. With her her and them. A few homeboys and some step kids that don’t belong to him. What did I do because I would apologize, you see I may be a kid but I’m a man about mine. Without my Dad how will I learn to love her her and them and one day love my son if you will. I’m so filled with hurt that I act out for attention. All I really want, is for my dad to pay attention. My momma don’t want you and matter fact she’s moved on, yet I’m still stuck like I was just born. Unable to do anything without help. Dad I don’t want your money I need to feel your breath! I need to hear those words! I need to feel your touch! I just need to know that you love me very much! Without my dad’ my I feel unloved Without my dad I feel like giving up! My mom saw my pain and she held me tight. She whispered in my ear softly ‘son you got me f*cked up’ because giving up isn’t an option and you will be a man of standards, integrity, morals, and of God when you grow-up!


Poem by: A KaLon Writer

Dating Advice


Dating can be intimidating and the fear of rejection is always looming over our heads. However, dating is a healthy and fun way to allow yourself to become acquainted with someone you find interesting as well as attractive.

Before you consider stepping out on the dating scene, you should have established a definite idea of who you are and what type of person you are looking for. In addition you should be clear about your intentions while dating. Are you looking for friendship, a relationship and most of all love.

The attraction is the beginning and the easiest part of dating. It only takes less than a minute for one to find themselves mesmerized by a sexy woman or a handsome man. However, it can take days, weeks and even months to get to know if the person you’re attractive to physically is compatible with you mentally.

Honesty plays a significant role in dating. It can make or break the date. It takes courage to be honest with a stranger and open up your personal bag of baggage. You risk the chance of rejection yet you glean the right information that will lead to the perfect match.

Dating is what you make it. You are the filter and if you are true to yourself you will find the right person even if it’s just a friend by being honest with yourself and especially your date.