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Teen Parent Twice

Teen Parent…twice

God knows my strength
for he helped me get through
who ever knew that I would
become a woman while wearing children shoes.

I was homeless at 16 with a baby in tow…yet still I strived as we lived pillow to post…sometimes we had a bed…sometimes we slept on a flo’! As long as we’re together our boat stayed a float.

I was just a baby with a baby no parents to sway me. I was alone in this world nah ain’t that crazy!
Yet I continued to live and achieve my goals…but before I graduated I was pregnant again…now here we go.

Yet, I stayed in school and did what a mother suppose to do!
I had a Job…Apartment and a car…which made me unique…one of very very few! Who handled my business without him her or you.

I stood in the paint and not once did I complained…for I had 2 beautiful baby girls by age 18
For this was my life…and I was not ashamed of who I was…
a responsible Teen Parent.