Without my Dad

Without My Dad ~ Another year about pass, and I sit here frustrated….waiting feeling depressed and lost ‘without my dad’. I start to feel like I don’t matter, is it because I don’t carry a purse with a big ass, you see that’s what my daddy like & that’s where he spends most of his nights. With her her and them. A few homeboys and some step kids that don’t belong to him. What did I do because I would apologize, you see I may be a kid but I’m a man about mine. Without my Dad how will I learn to love her her and them and one day love my son if you will. I’m so filled with hurt that I act out for attention. All I really want, is for my dad to pay attention. My momma don’t want you and matter fact she’s moved on, yet I’m still stuck like I was just born. Unable to do anything without help. Dad I don’t want your money I need to feel your breath! I need to hear those words! I need to feel your touch! I just need to know that you love me very much! Without my dad’ my I feel unloved Without my dad I feel like giving up! My mom saw my pain and she held me tight. She whispered in my ear softly ‘son you got me f*cked up’ because giving up isn’t an option and you will be a man of standards, integrity, morals, and of God when you grow-up!


Poem by: A KaLon Writer


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