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To look back on our Journey, will make us stronger and better moving forward

Looking back help answer questions one might have about their childhood. I understand my past and I embrace it now, I no longer allow myself to be a victim because my questions have been answered.

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Just as we walk a Journey during our lives, Jesus as he came to us, also walked a Journey and very much the same as us.
Going back to the last supper of Jesus Christ, he knew someone was going to betray him, he knew he was going to suffer and be crucified, he also knew of his resurrection, as this was a message not to just the Diciples, but to all that walk this Earth on their Journey, so we can look back to what was, in order to move forward in the future, to be better and stronger on our journey’s of life.
As we walk our Journey’s and live our lives, we will all have temptation around us and trying to tempt us to do things we don’t want to, this is part of all our lives whether you accept it or not, these are just a…

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