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Coconut Oil Toothpaste

Do you oil pull? Are you a health conscious junkie who’s always looking for ways to keep harsh man made chemicals out of your body? This article is for you!

I’ve been oil pulling for several months and yes, it works! My teeth are brighter, I haven’t caught any colds, I have less plaque build up and I use Coconut Oil to moisturize my skin and hair. I recently learned about making a toothpaste with Coconut Oil, Baking soda, Xylitol and Essential oils. All of these ingredients are natural and beneficial to our body.

In an earlier article I wrote about Oil pulling with Coconut oil, I explained how it has antibacterial/antimicrobial properties due to it’s high lauric acid content. Coconut oil can be purchased cold-pressed (solid) or liquified. Liquified has 5 more MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) than the cold press Coconut oil.

Baking soda also have positive effects to the mouth as well. It neutralizes acid loving bacteria that causes cavities, removes plaque, whitens teeth and helps maintain healthy gums. Essential oils such as citrus, peppermint and cinnamon also possess antibacterial properties and adds flavoring to your liking.

Finally, Xylitol which is a natural sweetener and it will give your toothpaste a sweet taste as well as help fight cavities. Xylitol has additional benefits, it is derived from fibrous parts of plants. It maintains and keeps a neutral pH level in the mouth. It helps with keeping bacteria from sticking to the teeth which ultimately prevents tooth decay.

Xylitol repairs damaged enamel. Saliva itself protects the mouth and teeth especially when you manage your sugar intake to a couple of times a day. When your sugar intake is excessive, your mouth’s own defense isn’t enough. Too much sugar causes harm to the body while Xylitol heals and repairs. It also builds immunity, protects against chronic diseases as well as providing anti-aging benefits.

Additional benefits of Xylitol:

1. Clearing nasal infections.
2. Preventing Ear infections.
3. Reducing intraocular pressure.
4. Reducing periodental disease
5. Heart disease.
6. Healing wounds.

Toothpaste Ingredients:

1. 1/2 cup – Coconut Oil
2. 2 – 3 Tbsp – Baking soda
3. 1 Tbsp – Xylitol (blend into fine powder)
4. 10 – drops of Essential oil of your choice (ex. peppermint, orange, cinnamon)



1. Melt your Coconut oil on low heat. (I used a double boiler method)
2. Once the Coconut oil melts, remove from heat and stir in Baking soda.
3. Use a blender or coffee grinder to blend the Xylitol into a fine powder (helps it to dissolve easier)
4. Add the Xylitol. Taste to see if it sweet enough to your liking. Add more if you like.
5. Add Essential oils of your choice.
6. The mixture will solidify and often the Baking soda will settle to the bottom. Give your paste another stir to insure it’s mixed well.

**Attention: to avoid contamination, I suggest using another clean utensil each time to apply your toothpaste to your tooth brush.

A KaLon Writer

Modern Hippie Housewife


DIY Mouth Wash via Oil Pulling

Do you have bad breath due to halitosis? Are you struggling with sinus and skin issues?

Oil Pulling is a natural inexpensive DIY regimen to help alleviate the issues mentioned above as well as several other health situations.

I would like to share the benefits of oil pulling for oral health. Oil pulling is also known as “Gundusha” and “Kavala” which is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that Indians used thousands of years ago to treat and prevent numerous health issues.


Oil pulling with Coconut Oil is known for skin improvement, teeth whitening, preventing cavities and gingivitis, minimizing morning breath, promotes stronger teeth, improves sinus issues, soothes headaches, and minimize hangovers. All of that and some just from oil pulling with Coconut Oil.

Oil pulling has been compared to chlorhexidine mouthwash and studies show oil pulling to have the same effect without the taste and oil pulling is less expensive and natural. Oil pulling with Coconut oil is my choice because it has a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial components that traps and dissolves bacteria living in our mouth and stomach.

We all have one main bacteria in our mouth, Streptococcus Mutans which is responsible for the plaque build up and tooth decay. I’ve been oil pulling for 1 week and my teeth are whiter and I do not have a lot of plaque build up by the end of the day. My teeth are shinier than ever as well as smoother.


How to oil pull:

You must oil pull in the morning before brushing your teeth, eating and drinking.

1) Take 1 – 2 teaspoons of Coconut Oil and place it in your mouth. (There is no taste!)
2) Swish the oil around using your cheeks and pull the oil through your teeth. (Do not digest! Do not gargle!)
3) Swish the oil for at least 10 – 20 minutes (it will have a milky color as it has drawn in bacteria).
4) Spit the oil out in the trash or outside. (Do not spit out in any type of drain as Coconut oil does solidifies).
5) Rinse your mouth out with Sea Salt and water for additional cleansing and then brush your teeth as normal.

Personal Note:

I have Sarcoidosis which is a rare lung condition and I’m always congested and suffering from mucous drainage. However, since I’ve been oil pulling, I’ve had less drainage from my nose, my teeth are whiter and my tongue does not have plaque build up. My skin is clearing up and I have an overall fresh clean feeling in my mouth. I suggest Oil Pulling to see if you can benefit from it. It’s natural, inexpensive way to minimize bacteria and my favorite is whiting my teeth.

For further inquiries regarding my personal experience with oil pulling please feel free to leave a comment or email me:

Or refer to these well known references:

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Do you have dry brittle hair? Do you like to save money and spend time?

Avocado, Raw Honey and Coconut Oil Hair Mask

DIY Avocado, Raw Honey and Coconut Oil Hair Mask is an affordable method to your dry brittle hair problem. Save your money and spend your time with a DIY Avocado hair mask. Its safe for all types of hair and it helps build strength, promotes a healthy scalp and retains moisture.

Benefits of a natural Avocado, Honey & Coconut Oil hair mask:

Avocado~is a natural moisturizer with vitamin B, C, E, Beta-Carotene, Copper and healthy fats. Raw Honey~has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Coconut Oil~also has the same benefits of raw honey and provides extra moisture which is great for treating Psoriasis, Dandruff and other skin issues.
Over-the-counter hair masks are a quick fix yet they also include harsh chemicals that cause your hair to be brittle and dry. Not mention they can be a bit expensive.

DIY Avocado Raw Honey Coconut Oil Hair Mask
DIY Avocado, Raw Honey & Coconut Oil Hair   Mask.

Your Cart:

1) Large Avocado. 2) 1 – tbsp of Raw Honey.

3) 2 – tbsp of Coconut Oil. 4) 1 – shower cap

I suggest storing your avocado in a bag on top of your fridge for at least 2-3 days to get it very soft and easy to mash.

Using a fork, split your avocado open and clean out the contents (throwing away the big seed and skin). Using a small bowl add your honey and coconut oil and mix together until there are little to no lumps. A smooth paste.

Part your hair and apply the mask to your roots and work towards your ends. You want to cover your whole entire head and then cover with a plastic cap. I normally treat my hair for at least 1- hour because I dye my hair often. I suggest leaving the mask on for at least 30 mins. Wash your hair with shampoo or a co-wash thoroughly and style as usual. Enjoy your strong shiny hair!

Feel free to leave a comment or ask me any questions by emailing me:

Dating Advice


Dating can be intimidating and the fear of rejection is always looming over our heads. However, dating is a healthy and fun way to allow yourself to become acquainted with someone you find interesting as well as attractive.

Before you consider stepping out on the dating scene, you should have established a definite idea of who you are and what type of person you are looking for. In addition you should be clear about your intentions while dating. Are you looking for friendship, a relationship and most of all love.

The attraction is the beginning and the easiest part of dating. It only takes less than a minute for one to find themselves mesmerized by a sexy woman or a handsome man. However, it can take days, weeks and even months to get to know if the person you’re attractive to physically is compatible with you mentally.

Honesty plays a significant role in dating. It can make or break the date. It takes courage to be honest with a stranger and open up your personal bag of baggage. You risk the chance of rejection yet you glean the right information that will lead to the perfect match.

Dating is what you make it. You are the filter and if you are true to yourself you will find the right person even if it’s just a friend by being honest with yourself and especially your date.