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The Light


The Light…its available for all women to see, it brings more than free electricity and hot summer days of dry humidity. It gives hope when in despair like a lantern helplessly lit while walking down steep dark stairs. That leads to nowhere unless you create your path and stop settling for half, because its easy to grasp. You were created whole by the almighty Jehov and there is no excuse to share your soul with a man who already has a home. A wife and kids and a dog that barks whenever he comes home smelling like your tart. Choose the light and see yourself whole instead of settling for the dark and being forced to fold. Like a bad hand in poker and you’re the laughing joke. ~ A KaLon Writer


Without Love

Love is a learned behavior
and I missed that lesson
Long time ago

So now Im trapped in
A Loveless love affair
With no place to go

Except Up to the sky
Where everyone receives love
from the Most high

Yet we need tangible love
The kind of love that touches
the core of your soul

and holds you when
Time gets rough
Like the Winter cold

And hot summer nights
Eventually he appears
and speaks
baby it’ll be alright

As he reads my story
Through my tears
he is creating my glory
As I reflect back thru the years

That I missed out on love
and felt lonely as a dove
In a pond full of ducks

I have come to realize
He was saving me
for someone special
not just any ole schmuck

So It all makes sense
my past with out love
Because I now know
He was sent from above.


The Naked Me

I want him
to love
me for me
with no
no make up
no nails
not even
a weave
I hope my
Heaven sent
man loves…


My skin isn’t
My body
isn’t toned
My head is
big and
my feet
is long
Yet my heart
is strong
and she
still holds on
to find the
one who
Truly belongs to

The Naked Me

Who are you
and where do
you live
I would travel
the world
down to
the last city
In hopes to
find the one
God created
to love
me for me
whole heartedly.

The Naked Me


Death to Relationships

Two people met and a relationship was born
Everything was there except intimacy
No sex no forehead kisses
Just two people laying there
nothing was really bad
yet nothing was good

He was concerned with him
I was concerned about us
His words did not coincide
So there goes my trust

I’ve tried countless times
To become someones wife
Soon as the relationship
Is harvested
the crops Died

I read in the bible
God bless those who are single
And those who are married
Im holding a ceremony
Celebrating my singleness
No horse and carriage

Im content with myself
I trust who I am
I can focus on life
And control the cam
That depicts the picture
Of who I truly am

Today is the day
We will celebrate
The funeral of relations
please no tears
Lets toast with a smile, Cheers
To the death of