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Chocolate Gold

Ever had chocolate gold?

Its more than a flavor that tingles the tongue. It drizzles down your throat and strums your lungs. It plays the piano with your ribs and this type of gold fills your heart valves up so you can live. Chocolate Gold, it’s richer than milk…its the reason why my waist is small and nestled upon my voluptuous hips. My thighs not to far behind as they compliment my high rise. My shoulders are strong and they keep my structure straight. Don’t get it twisted like my locks, I’m educated with this shape. Im authentic from my fro’ down to my feet and I love…..the way God created me, I am Chocolate Gold and Im forever sweet ~ KaLon





As a woman, I am the portal to life on earth
God entrusted me to carry a child from conception to birth
Like a seed in the ground waiting for its first leaf to sprout, I Bloom

There’s not much food and my heart starts to weep…inside I have 5 children screaming
I’m ready to eat
So with a whisk and a spat, I created all of that Like a Thanksgiving Dinner, It Bloom

He was charming and spoke very well
He always held the doors and pulled out my chair.
He always sent kind messages wishing me farewells yet as soon as I conformed to his kindness…he disappeared out of thin air
The messages stopped and the phone didn’t ring I guess he was only searching for a winter fling
Yet Spring is around the corner and the birds are singing their favorite tunes
Like a blossoming flower….I continued to Bloom.

I read the Bible and study the word
It provides food to my roots and waters my soul
In ups and downs I stay a ground like a
determined flower with deep roots underground
I shall Bloom.


The Light


The Light…its available for all women to see, it brings more than free electricity and hot summer days of dry humidity. It gives hope when in despair like a lantern helplessly lit while walking down steep dark stairs. That leads to nowhere unless you create your path and stop settling for half, because its easy to grasp. You were created whole by the almighty Jehov and there is no excuse to share your soul with a man who already has a home. A wife and kids and a dog that barks whenever he comes home smelling like your tart. Choose the light and see yourself whole instead of settling for the dark and being forced to fold. Like a bad hand in poker and you’re the laughing joke. ~ A KaLon Writer

Love Starts with a Long Look in the Mirror

They tell me Im pretty and my eyes glow in the dark…but I feel like a dud that never had a spark Im trying to gain momentum and pick myself up…like the starting running back who just cant get a touch…Down is my direction and I can’t seem to get up…I tried to make myself look happy with this tireless make-up…my hair is in a frenzy and my clothes are covered in dust…I need inspiration yet who can I trust…Im going to clean this mirror to get a clear view…if I can’t Love my self…how can I expect you…
Love Starts with A Long Look in The Mirror ~ A KaLon Writer

Artist: @terbrwonder

Picture Poetry

Picture art by: terby wonder

Just let me light my cigarette fo’ I die and I’ll tell you what happened (strike, light and inhale) she blows the smoke in the air with a sigh as she begins to talk, this is what happened, I was telling him how I felt and I actually poured my heart out to him. Now you know thats some ish I normally don’t do.
(Takes another puff of life, blow)
Do you know he responded with only two maybe three words after I gave him an essay of feelings from my heart and thats all I get is two dry throat ass words
(Puffn and talking)
‘oh really’ thats when I realized he don’t care for me and I felt used. (Sniffled) So, I slapped his face and ran out the door. I must’ve dropped my cigarettes on the way out, I was going mad without my cigarettes.