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When visitation hours were up my mother gave me a hug and she had to leave. First I was taken from her by force and now she’s forced to leave me. As soon as she left the room and the door slammed shut, I broke into a million pieces. I believe that was the hardest Iv’e had cried since the first night I realized my whole family was gone and I feared I would never see them again.

I immediately walked over to the huge windows anticipating something would change. Will she come back? Is she going to her car to get something special for me? Did she have a surprise like my brothers were waiting to come see me? Every thought of hope clouded my mind as I started to feel anxious anticipating her return.

Working on my book;
This is a piece from Ch.5 in my book. It took a lot from me because I have to relive a time in my life that devastated me as a little girl living in the care of the state. ~ a kaLon Writer