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I like conversing with you about your PASSIONS

only because I know it will lead me closer to your SOUL

and there…we shall find your PURPOSE

in LIFE…where HAPPINESS is abundant.




When visitation hours were up my mother gave me a hug and she had to leave. First I was taken from her by force and now she’s forced to leave me. As soon as she left the room and the door slammed shut, I broke into a million pieces. I believe that was the hardest Iv’e had cried since the first night I realized my whole family was gone and I feared I would never see them again.

I immediately walked over to the huge windows anticipating something would change. Will she come back? Is she going to her car to get something special for me? Did she have a surprise like my brothers were waiting to come see me? Every thought of hope clouded my mind as I started to feel anxious anticipating her return.

Working on my book;
This is a piece from Ch.5 in my book. It took a lot from me because I have to relive a time in my life that devastated me as a little girl living in the care of the state. ~ a kaLon Writer

Death to Relationships

Two people met and a relationship was born
Everything was there except intimacy
No sex no forehead kisses
Just two people laying there
nothing was really bad
yet nothing was good

He was concerned with him
I was concerned about us
His words did not coincide
So there goes my trust

I’ve tried countless times
To become someones wife
Soon as the relationship
Is harvested
the crops Died

I read in the bible
God bless those who are single
And those who are married
Im holding a ceremony
Celebrating my singleness
No horse and carriage

Im content with myself
I trust who I am
I can focus on life
And control the cam
That depicts the picture
Of who I truly am

Today is the day
We will celebrate
The funeral of relations
please no tears
Lets toast with a smile, Cheers
To the death of