Do Over

Had I kept my promise to myself 

i wouldn’t be seeking a ‘do over’

just like the sun

peeking over the horizon

anxious to give light again

do over
I’ve made some mistakes and

learning to accept them wasn’t easy

I don’t feel the same 

Like the 1st trimester

I feel queasy 

do over 
I never was hugged and 

No one prepared me for love

I only knew the cold lonely night

That watches the pond with no doves

do over
I wanted to feel loved so

I followed my feelings 

and they led me astray

Yet I still swim up stream 

destined to find my way

do over
Because of past disappointments 

Im a woman with open wounds

For my first love was never there

He abandoned me to go to the moon

do over
I was left alone

In a world full of hungry lions

tigers and bears

Eager to devour me

a helpless sheep in despair

do over
Now God holds the key to her future

he has spoke to calm her crying soul

he said, I shall shield you now and

No one else can impose

do over 
As I wait. I am patient. Focused Now. I am stronger.

With God as my pilot

I shall not steer wrong

He believes in me and granted a 

do over…..


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