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Chocolate Gold

Ever had chocolate gold?

Its more than a flavor that tingles the tongue. It drizzles down your throat and strums your lungs. It plays the piano with your ribs and this type of gold fills your heart valves up so you can live. Chocolate Gold, it’s richer than milk…its the reason why my waist is small and nestled upon my voluptuous hips. My thighs not to far behind as they compliment my high rise. My shoulders are strong and they keep my structure straight. Don’t get it twisted like my locks, I’m educated with this shape. Im authentic from my fro’ down to my feet and I love…..the way God created me, I am Chocolate Gold and Im forever sweet ~ KaLon



Without Love

Love is a learned behavior
and I missed that lesson
Long time ago

So now Im trapped in
A Loveless love affair
With no place to go

Except Up to the sky
Where everyone receives love
from the Most high

Yet we need tangible love
The kind of love that touches
the core of your soul

and holds you when
Time gets rough
Like the Winter cold

And hot summer nights
Eventually he appears
and speaks
baby it’ll be alright

As he reads my story
Through my tears
he is creating my glory
As I reflect back thru the years

That I missed out on love
and felt lonely as a dove
In a pond full of ducks

I have come to realize
He was saving me
for someone special
not just any ole schmuck

So It all makes sense
my past with out love
Because I now know
He was sent from above.


Could You Be

Could you be??

The one for me.
Who caresses my insecurities.
Regrets the time away from me.
Studies my inabilities.

Could you be??

The one who can.
Grope my trust with your securities.
Offer a lifetime of consistencies.
Wipe away my history
with his cloth of acceptabilities.

Could you be??

The one man.
Apart of my future to infinity
Who vows to love me unconditionally
Who desires my intimacy
And allow me to give you
all of me

Could you Be??

The one God made for me.

A Kalon Writer